From there to here

8 thoughts on “From there to here”

  1. So happy for the update!! I love the last two documentaries!! Looking forward to Catwalk. And to the rest of your blog posts. Enjoy!! Love to the fam.

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  2. I totally enjoyed England. Your description of traveling by car in the left lane reminded me of my friends renting a stick shift (me in the left front seat). It was nothing short of harrowing…as he would stall out the car several times. All of that just after Trump’s election and Brexit vote.
    So thankful you all are taking “a breather”.

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  3. I also watched Catwalk on the flight! I thought the orange Persian was beautiful, but don’t know enough about the breed to see why it gave the judges “chills.”

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    1. Ha! Love it that you watched it, too, Elizabeth. I thought it was so funny when that judge said the cat gave him chills. And how he kept saying, “In 32 years of judging, this is one of the finest cats I’ve ever seen!”


  4. I, too, love the stick shift and clutch, having been taught to drive with these tools by my father when I was 14 years old. I’ve driven in England twice, both times with manual transmission, but last year in Scotland and Ireland, I chose to go automatic. My reasons were much the same as yours. I found third gear a bit more challenging, shifting gears with my left hand. But, beyond that, I always seemed to be inside a traffic circle when it was time to shift into third gear. That’s a lot all at once! Watch out for those unprotected right turns!

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  5. I didn’t know you also love documentaries! M merely ‘tolerates’ them as well. There was this one time that he walked in on me watching a documentary about the typeface Helvetica (I am not kidding), and I wish I could have captured the look on his face before he turned right around and walked back out of the room. Ha ha! And I LOVED Free Solo so much.

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