6 thoughts on “Recalculating”

  1. Somehow, you always seem to make your experiences, well, philosophical. Re-routing!! I do hope your trip gets a little less hectic. Thank you for your update – and your philosophical positivity.

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  2. You’re trip sounds a lot like mine, the last problem being discovering late Friday afternoon that I wasn’t flying home Sunday, but instead, Saturday – not just missing a trip to Lincoln & Lincoln Cathedral, but having to rebook train rides (one not refundable) & find a new hotel room (& cancel 2 non-refundable hotel rooms). The people at the train station were lovely & got me back as much money as they could & when I was through, there was a train waiting – AND I saw 2 black cats (one in a village & one in the country) on my ride to London! (I spend a lot of my time looking/hoping to see cats when I travel.) I hope that your trip becomes less eventful (in this way), with only the occasional rerouting, which is a hazard of life, just a bigger deal when you’re away from home.

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  3. Just back from ABC biennial where I hugged a lot of people who love you: Jamie, Carol, Marissa, Laura, Christy, Pat, Ann, Ashley…and many more! Be still and know….

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  4. I’m sorry for the hotel booking snafu, but happy you were able to resolve it with what sounds like a serendipitous recalculation. I have to admit I chuckled all the way through your post (except for the hotel issue), empathizing, empathizing, empathizing. Driving on the left and in a foreign country is not for the weak and timid. I’ve done this six times now and even when all is going well, it can be stressful. Traffic circles are both wonderful and intimidating. Your dining experience called to mind my first British steak eaten in London many years ago, it’s taste so unlike American cornfed beef. I was told the beef in GB is barley fed; thus, the surprisingly different flavor. And, as I read your post, I remembered my own visit to Coventry with its hauntingly beautiful ruin from WWII. (I hope Canterbury Cathedral is on your itinerary too.)

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    1. Always managing to figure it out! So wonderful getting your updates. It’s always a bit of a recalculation when traveling so far from home and are you immersed in a different culture, especially when you’re trying to find a good cup of coffee!!! Not to worry, there will be plenty of that in Italy. The cappuccinos, pasta, pizza, and gelato are all amazing. Of course, I’m a bit partial to that culture. . .enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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  5. Love reading your blog! The times that Bob and I have been to Scotland and Ireland Bob did all the driving. When we go back he will still do the driving. The wrong side of the road and the gazillion roundabouts are enough to drive one insane. I am so happy you found a place to stay and that it is nice. Praying for you all to have wonderful adventures and joy! Sounds like you are having both. Love you all!

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