Maybe I should just give AT&T all my money (and also: hello from Strasbourg)

4 thoughts on “Maybe I should just give AT&T all my money (and also: hello from Strasbourg)”

  1. Maybe It’s the Universe’s way of telling you to relax, enjoy and unplug. Write your thoughts when you feel like it and post them later upon your return.
    Don’t worry we’ll all still be here awaiting your next cherished words Miss!

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  2. Strasbourg is such a beautiful city with an interesting history! Is it German? No, French. Wait, German. French. What? German, again? Now French!

    As for the blog, I suggest you relax and enjoy every minute of your trip and family. Take notes, consider, ponder, jot down ideas, and then, write the blogs upon your return home. You might simply post them, one day at a time once your are home, and we can respond and dialogue with you.

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  3. What Paula said! But should you see this, just remember to Gruess Gott in Austria. “Guten Tag” sounds too Hochdeutsch! And try some Almdudler Original soda, too. The original was all they had the summer I spent in Wien in 1962, but, like everything else except, perhaps, communications technology, it has been “improved” over and over.

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