Ah, Firenze

7 thoughts on “Ah, Firenze”

  1. Welcome to Florence! I just know you will visit the Accademia and see Michelangelo’s David. I wept when Mack and I left the building, having longed to see the David for many years before, and then, taking in the magnificence of the sculpture. Also impressive are the unfinished statues–the prisoners or slaves–at the gallery. What an experience you will have!

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  2. So glad you love my homeland the way we do! Firenze is enchanting, yes. But now imagine a smaller village on one of the beautiful lakes further North. Same people, same history, same amazing food but on a smaller scale where you feel like you simply can’t get enough. Italy will forever occupy a place in your heart and make you yearn for it in years to come! Relax and enjoy!

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  3. ❤ I stayed in a villa outside of Florence over 10 years ago, during a 3 week trip through Italy, and it is such an amazing memory. What a city.

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  4. You will be so amazed at the art in the dome and the dome within a dome architecture! There is a great book about the construction if interested!

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