Sunrise in Siena

7 thoughts on “Sunrise in Siena”

    1. It’s an Airbnb called Attico Francesco and I would highly, highly recommend it to anyone. The owners are hands-down the best I’ve ever rented from – truly exceptional hospitality in a gorgeous penthouse apartment.


  1. Ask Maryann to see the view from our room just outside the city gate. It has been her phone wallpaper ever since! Sienna is the one place where we, too, just sat drinking a bottle of wine enjoying the views.

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  2. I’ve just been reading an article (Strange Encounters with Dead Selves: Medical Memoir, Apostrophe, and (Re)animating Subjectivity, which, despite the word “dead” in the title, discusses former selves). It reminded me that you’ve written a few times about former selves and memories. Have you tried actually writing to any of those former selves?

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