Ciao! And ciao!

7 thoughts on “Ciao! And ciao!”

  1. Thank you so much for letting us come along with you! It’s been fun to travel along and experience all this wonderfulness, too! Glad to have you back home safe and sound and having had those fabulous experiences!!

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  2. Thank you for taking us along on your trip. Yes, it would be great if any of your fellow travellers would chime in, but further stories from you would be most welcome.

    For some reason, it’s taken me a long time to remember how I felt on my first trip to Japan, 5 weeks ALL. BY. MYSELF. I left 6 weeks after my father had died suddenly. I was staying with an acquaintance in Tokyo, then I had a reservation in Kyoto, then nothing planned. The hardest part was visiting the Zen garden in Kyoto where my father had wanted some of his ashes buried. I made a calendar, so that I could cross off each day as it ended (& so I could believe that I would go home again) & to only eat part of a chocolate bar each day, even though I wanted it all, every day. There were very good things that happened – seeing art and temples that I’d only seen in reproductions, finding the schedule of the cats that lived in the Imperial Palace in Kyoto, so that I could get a morning and afternoon cat fix, discovering things such a chocolate bar with fried – really – almonds and a ham & potato salad sandwich, which I just had to try.

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  3. It was my pleasure! A lot of reminders of our three-week trip last summer to Italy and the western Mediterranean. Europe is always a wonder with things so much older than here.

    It’ll be good to see youse guys again soon.

    🎢See youuuuuu in Septeeeemberrrrr 🎢

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  4. YES, please write the in-your-head blog posts. I love armchair travel almost as much as real travel, especially when it’s so beautifully written!

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