It is so hot here, and most places aren’t air-conditioned. Between that and all the walking, we are so tired at the end of each day. And then we get back to our apartment and have to climb 100 narrow winding stairs to get there! So tonight, we ate an early dinner at 6:15. Our … Continue reading Chartres

Hallo uit Amsterdam!

Whew! Our 10 days in England were beautiful and chaotic and inspiring and stressful and fun and HOT and art-filled and so tiring. There’s been so much going on just with trying to get us from one place to another that there hasn’t been time for the kind of reflective blogging I’d imagined (or for … Continue reading Hallo uit Amsterdam!


We spent a little time on Denmark Street yesterday, which used to be the center of the British music industry. Apparently, the little street has changed quite a lot in the last couple of decades, but it’s still lined with music shops, and we really enjoyed our time there. After we looked at (and played) … Continue reading Yesterday

Hello from London

We’re still alive, we just don’t have reliable WiFi. And I accidentally burned through an entire month’s worth of data in our first two days here, an extremely costly mistake. So now I’m having to ration my data, which means I have it turned off at all times unless I have to look something up … Continue reading Hello from London


My old GPS used to say “Recalculating! Recalculating!” if I ever missed a turn or went a direction other than what she directed me. She just couldn’t help but announce to me and the entire car that she now had to recalculate her well-laid plans because of my errors. Siri, however, just keeps her mouth … Continue reading Recalculating

From there to here

I’d meant to write again before now, but the last several days have been absolute wall-to-wall busyness trying to get every single thing done that needed to be done before leaving the country for six-and-a half weeks. The last big thing that had to be done before we could leave was this: My 32nd infusion, … Continue reading From there to here