We spent a little time on Denmark Street yesterday, which used to be the center of the British music industry. Apparently, the little street has changed quite a lot in the last couple of decades, but it’s still lined with music shops, and we really enjoyed our time there. After we looked at (and played) … Continue reading Yesterday

Hello from London

We’re still alive, we just don’t have reliable WiFi. And I accidentally burned through an entire month’s worth of data in our first two days here, an extremely costly mistake. So now I’m having to ration my data, which means I have it turned off at all times unless I have to look something up … Continue reading Hello from London


My old GPS used to say “Recalculating! Recalculating!” if I ever missed a turn or went a direction other than what she directed me. She just couldn’t help but announce to me and the entire car that she now had to recalculate her well-laid plans because of my errors. Siri, however, just keeps her mouth … Continue reading Recalculating

From there to here

I’d meant to write again before now, but the last several days have been absolute wall-to-wall busyness trying to get every single thing done that needed to be done before leaving the country for six-and-a half weeks. The last big thing that had to be done before we could leave was this: My 32nd infusion, … Continue reading From there to here