Ciao! And ciao!

Goodbye, Europe! Hello, America! A lot has happened in the last few days, with plenty of goodbyes and hellos. On our last night in Rome, we walked to Orange Trees Garden (Savello Park) on Aventine Hill. All week, I’d looked across the river from our terrace to the umbrella pines on the top of that … Continue reading Ciao! And ciao!

Sunrise in Siena

Last night, I showed you pictures of our view of Siena at four different times of day – midday, sunset, dusk, and nighttime. Today, I get to show you one more, thanks to my old friend insomnia. Siena before sunrise! So stunning. I just didn’t feel sleepy last night at all, so I read until … Continue reading Sunrise in Siena

Ah, Firenze

We made it from Venice to Florence on Thursday and after a string of packing up and moving every other day (Strasbourg, Salzburg, Vienna, and Venice over the span of 8 days), we were delighted to settle into our apartment for a week here. We’re staying on the top floor of a 500 year-old building … Continue reading Ah, Firenze

Siamo qui in Italia

(And I slightly mangled the Italian in this video by doing some sort of melding of Spanish and Italian – “we are” is “siamo,” not “soimos.”) At any rate, after a not particularly restful night train trip from Vienna to Venice, we are here and loving life! Continue reading Siamo qui in Italia